Reasons Why Everyone Should Choose Extended Stay Hotels

Many people find themselves away from home, sometimes for an extended period of time. Yes, such situations can be frustrating, but in certain cases and professional careers it should be seen as somewhat of a necessary evil. Still, just because you are away from home, in another city or town does not mean you should make your stay miserable. Instead, there are a lot of great options to choose from when trying to find a place to stay. And one of the best options for anyone is to choose an extended stay hotel.


What’s an extended stay hotel and how does it differ from a regular one?

Extended stay hotels, or ESH for short, are special kinds of places. They differ from regular hotels in terms of price, facilities and rates. Most regular hotels are only financially feasible for a week or so. If you need to prolong your stay, you’ll find that they soon become impractical. With an extended stay hotel, you will have a differently story entirely.

These types of accommodations offer some very quality services and facilities, some of which could even be described as somewhat luxurious. All extended stay hotels feature at least a guest room which features a fully functional kitchen. This means that you get things such as a refrigerator, microwaves, stove ovens, a sink and so on. This kind of set up is perfect for people that want to feel at home, even though they are technically far from it, in terms of distance. Another great thing about extended stay hotels is that they offer wireless internet access (so you can keep in touch with your family, friends or business partners) and cable TV (so you don’t need to worry you will miss your favorite TV shows and series).  And these are just the standard features! Other types of extended stay accommodations include gyms, swimming pools and so on. Fancy that!


Pennies Add Up

An extended stay hotel is worth every penny , especially for people on business trips

Extended stay hotels are a great way to secure temporary housing. They offer discounts for extended stays, and some also allow laundry facilities. The great thing about these extended stay hotels is that they offer a bang for your buck, as the services are reasonably priced compared to other hotels. This budget price mentality makes them very attractive, and in some cases even necessary. No wonder they are also sometimes called budget hotels. Besides businessmen, these kinds of accommodations are also excellent for family vacation or couples on a honeymoon. There are few things better than getting to stay in a great town for an extended period of time, while paying less than you would in a standard hotel, but while also getting services that are just as good, if not better.

Extended stay hotels San Antonio area are not just a great option to consider when traveling for various reasons, they are also great investments when it comes to time and money.