How To Choose Your In-Home Senior Care Giver

If your elderly loved one needs help with daily chores or his or her health requires the permanent or semi-permanent presence of a trained medical professional, here are some things to bear in mind when choosing your in-home care giver.

Determine the Level of Care Needed

The first thing to determine before you start looking for a Castle Rock in-home care giver for your senior relative or for yourself is the type and level of care needed. There are two broad categories of in-home care: general and specialized. General care usually includes assistance with daily activities, such as eating, administering medication based on the patient’s treatment plan, bathing, getting dressed, moving around in the house as well as light housework, including light cleaning, cooking and shopping. Specialized care is for patients whose condition requires the care giver to be a licensed and certified medical professional, such as skilled nurse or an occupational therapist.

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Determine the Hiring Method

You have several options when it comes to finding suitable Castle Rock care giver candidates. You can decide to take care of the search individually, asking around among friends, browsing online or placing your own ads or you can decide to turn to an agency to find suitable candidates.

If individual search seems the most suitable way, be prepared to handle the entire recruitment process on your own, including the interviewing, the vetting and the reference checking phase and to take care of all the aspects related to the employment as well.

The other way to find suitable senior in home care Castle Rock candidates is to apply to an agency. The solution comes with lots of benefits:

  • The candidates sent to you by the agency have already undergone background checks and vetting, so agencies make it easier to find the perfect caregiver;
  • The right level of care – most home care agencies work with companions and homemakers as well as with skilled nurses and other specialists, therefore they will be able to send you the caregiver who carries the qualifications that you need;
  • Agencies can handle changes and upgrades as well – if the patient’s needs change and the level of care you have hired the caregiver for is no longer sufficient, agencies can send you a caregiver who carries the right qualification and license to handle more specialized needs;
  • Finances made easy – the caregiver sent to you by an agency is in the agency’s employment, therefore the tasks related to the caregiver’s employment are entirely their responsibility and you, as the client, will pay the agency directly, without having to do any further paperwork.

The Interviewing Process and the Final Decision

The best way to ensure that the caregiver you hire is indeed the most suitable person is to involve your elderly relative in the process, if that is possible. Make sure that you tell the candidate everything about the job requirements, ask all your questions related to the candidate’s previous employment, experience, attitude, interests and also allow your relative to ask their questions. Do not disregard your instinct – employ the person that you are interviewing not only based on credentials, but also based on impressions.